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Wrapping it up

Seven last books to blog for 2010.

A Matter of Class, by Mary Balogh.  Even if you’ve never read or entertained the notion of reading a regency romance, pause a moment and consider this slim volume.  It’s excellent.  It’s good old-fashioned romance and there’s a nice slice of plot twist that you catch onto as you go.  It’s very skinny, takes no time at all to read and left me with a smile on my face for hours.  Very clever!!  ****

After, by Amy Efaw.  This is a tragic story.  It was hard to read, but I did it, and it came out okay in the end even though I’m not sure it was real to life.  It is a work of fiction, but I’m sure it will hit pretty close to home for some.  It is an issue that has had its share of headlines this past year.  *** stars.

The first five novels in The Immortals series by Alyson Noel:  Evermore, Blue Moon, Shadowland, Dark Flame and Night Star.  This series is like chocolate chip cookies.  You know they smell great.   You know that you’re not accomplishing anything good by reading them, but it’s fun and tasty to do so.  You know you should stop, but you don’t.  Cookies.   The stories themselves are okay, but kind of standard for long-term series work these days:  Boy and girl meet, conflict arises, one loses the other, the other fights to get them back, brief bliss, new conflict…. ack. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Okay, I know that Alyson Noel has one more book coming out in this series, and I need for her to know that this book needs to blow me out of my socks.  Seriously.  There were at least four places in Night Star where she could have wrapped it up and called it good, and she didn’t.  That makes me think she must really have something awesome to say in the last book, or else she’s milking a popular series for another paycheck.  When I find out which it was, I’ll let you know.  The last book comes out in Summer 2011.

I just did an audit for 2010, and though it feels like I might have missed getting a few of them blogged, I have a list that shows I read 193 books in 2010.  I’m not including my book blog in my resolutions for 2011, but I will still blog about them when I’m inclined or, if I just need to tell you something. 

If you’re one of the few faithful readers, I’d like to take a moment and just thank you for following along with me.  You didn’t have to do it, and I hope you don’t think any the worse of me for it.  Most of the time it was a lot of  fun.  Take care and have a great 2011!!  Happy New Year!!!


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