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Forrest Gump (OMG)

When Eric Roth went up the stairs to pick up his Oscar for Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material from Another Medium, I’ll bet he was wondering how many of us would figure out that it should have been for Best Writing Screenplay Based on a Vague Idea I had While Flipping Through the Book and Finally Reading the End Flaps, then Reading Enough of It to Know that I’d Have to Make Most of the Story Up from Scratch.  Holy cow.

Well, to tell you the truth, I think that without Eric Roth, Forrest Gump would have never made it to the silver screen.  Not that the book doesn’t have merit, it does.  It’s just not good enough on its own, and I was very disappointed.

Forrest Gump, by Winston Groom.  Here’s the back of the book:  “Bein a idiot is no box of chocolates,” but “at least I ain’t led no hum-drum life,” says Forrest Gump, the lovable, surprisingly savvy hero of this wonderful comic novel.  When the University of Alabama’s football team drafts Forrest and makes him a star, that’s only the beginning!  He flunks out–and goes on to be a Vietnam war hero, a world-class ping-pong player, a wrestler, and a business tycoon.  He compares battle scars with Lyndon Johnson, discovers the truth about Richard Nixon, and suffers the ups and downs of true love.  Now, Forrest Gump is telling all–in a madcap, screwball romp through three decades of the American landscape.  It’s Gump’s amazing travels…and you’ve got to read them to believe them.”

Sigh.  This is a ** star book, and I feel I’m being generous. 

Maybe I’ve had it wrong all along.  I wasn’t supposed to grow up and be a writer.  Maybe I was supposed grow up, find ** books and re-write them into something a decent movie could be made from.  Hmmm…..

Happy Reading, Everybody.  Just skip this one.  Do not sully your Forrest Gump experience by actually reading the book.  Not worth it.


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